Brugarolas develops a series of lubrication products, specific for this sector with such elevated demands in application techniques. We have greases and oils by Beslux, developed particularly for the textile industry.

Synthetic oil intended for the lubrication of chain
systems, bolts and roller chains, sliding tracks,
plain tracks, etc…, and any high temperature
operated mechanism (till 230º C).

BESLUX RAMCA. It has been specially
recommended in conveyor chains of tightening devices,
dryers, crabbing machines and equalizers of tenders in
textile industry, chains of drying chambers, tenters, ovens, wood industry & plastic process industry.

BESLUX RAMCA is light colored synthetic oil and
shows good carrying effect and good penetrability
to secure a good humectants capacity in the
metallic sliding surfaces. The film built provides
with good metal affinity.


BESLUX RAMCA oil is chemically stable, stable to
temperature and reduces the evaporation residues.
It can withstand high temperatures during long
period. It is excellent protector against wear and
good low lubricant influence finishes.

BESLUX RAMCA special structure prevents the
splash of oil and consequently contaminating the
material transported tissues at high speeds.

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