In order to ensure the high-efficiency operation of the modern engines, it is very important to have a smooth oil passage, because only clean oil can ensure the long-lasting and stable performance of the engine.



Magnom Technologies oil filter continuously removes impurities and combustion residues from the circulating oil, preventing wear and prolonging the life of the engine. We can provide types of filters for the customer to choose.


Diesel/Fuel filter usually acts as oil water separation to remove water from the fuel. Magnom Technologies Fuel filter improves the quality and purity of the fuel, ensuring the dust particles and moisture in the fuel not damage the engine

In order to obtain the best performance, the internal combustion engine needs intake clean air. Magnom Technologies Air filter effectively remove the dust, pollen, sand, carbon black and water droplets, which promoted the complete combustion of fuel and ensures the stability of engine performance.

Dirty air can irritate your eyes and respiratory tract, make people feel tired. Magnom Technologies Air cabin filter will remove pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke etc from the air to ensure the fresh air in the car and improve comfort

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