Power tools are a key to productivity in the oil & gas or the metal working industry. Maintenance and production tasks must be carried out efficiently.


We generate added value by delivering the best solution to your needs based on decades of experience.

Our tools have many benefits some of which are;


  1. Increased efficiency, profitability and productivity 
  2. Tools’ lifetime is enhanced as they have shorter trigger times 
  3. Abrasive disks last longer because the contact between the abrasive and the application is optimized

Whether your industrial tool needs are for general maintenance, heavy production or virtually anything in between, Chicago Pneumatic has the tooling that can meet your demands. Chicago Pneumatic helps you to get the job done with a wide range of versatile, robust and user-friendly tools. To meet your specific needs, we offer a complete portfolio of reliable air tools, original spare parts and accessories with guaranteed quality.

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