Atlas Copco is particularly careful about the sustainability of their products and about innovative technologies, considering them as an essential prerequisite for the development of wealth and progress. 


In fact, there is a large number of research activities trying to achieve the goal of producing in the respect of security, health and environment. 


Another priority of the company is to guarantee high quality product, particularly in tightening and fastening.

Our products help customers achieve sustainable productivity in a wide range of markets, including general engineering, manufacturing and process industries, construction, automotive, electronics, oil & gas, and much more.


Sales and service of industrial air & gas compressors, dryers, filters and air receiver, compressors part & service, vacuum pumps and solutions, construction related tools like mobile compressors, water pumps, jackhammers & lighting towers, high pressure CNG compressors, nitrogen & oxygen generator including quality aftermarket parts for all the listed items



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