We have a range of quality air solutions to ensure your compressed air system in high quality and prevents corrosion or leakages.


A dry and clean compressed air treatment system will ensure your air distribution system is kept in optimal shape.


Quality compressed air treatment solutions ensure high air quality and prevents corrosion, leakages, pollution and rust.




We have a range of compressed air treatment supplies for every solution. Our air treatment solutions are high quality and will help ensure your production continues to run.


We offer complete solutions to your business from air compressors to air treatment solutions and air compressor service.



Our compressed air treatment solutions assist in ensuring your compressed air supply continues to run at high quality with low energy costs.

Some ALUP Brands: Soneto, Allegro and Largo etc.

Ranging from;

  1. ALUP Screw Compressor
  2. ALUP Compressed air treatment
  3. ALUP Piston Compressor
  4. ALUP Oil free compressor
  5. ALUP Air Recievers
  6. ALUP AIRnet Piping System
  7. ALUP Parts & Services

All ALUP Products available at Magnom Technologies (WA) Ltd.